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Meet Randi

I'm Randi, the dreamer, creator and photographer. I am a SoCal native, but moved to DFW in 2017. Most days, when I am not traveling or shooting, you can find me curled up on the couch, with a messy bun and a homemade chai latte. My French bulldog, Clifford, is my best friend and frequent work partner. Most people know me as the spunky girl with big dreams who's always on the go and creating something!

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We all want to feel like what we do for a living has meaning and purpose.

Randi was the best decision I ever made for my wedding! She made me feel like I was the only bride in the world! No other photographer will make you feel more at peace on your special day than Randi does, I highly recommend her for anyone still deciding on photography! Love your work, Randi! And thank you for capturing my love story!

"randi was the best decision I ever made for my wedding!"

Tetsushi & Satomi

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"People still haven't stopped talking about our wedding photos."

Jessica & Andy

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With #WeddingTipWednesday videos + all sorts of behind the scenes footage on what it's like to have Randi as your photographer, Instagram is a great place to follow all things RM Photography. 





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